Yabul Cook: Cook Food Without the Need of a Flame

Perfect for the avid camper, this flameless cooker can heat foods under any circumstances without any flames.

The Yabul Cook is the world’s 1st silicone flameless cooker that can instantly reheat and warm foods without the need of a fire.

The food is warmed in the Yabul Cook from a heating pack at the bottom of it and only water is needed to be added to start cooking.

The zipper bag inside will contain your food or liquid and depending on the type of food inside, it can take anywhere from 10-15 minutes to warm up.

It features a pressure cap on the lid of the container to adjust the pressure inside and maintain the temperature while the double lock lid keeps it locked during the cooking process.

The best part of the Yabul Cook is its ability to be able to be rolled into a small cylindrical size, small enough to fit virtually anywhere.

Without the need of any fire, the Yabul Cook is the perfect cooker for anyone wanting to pack light for those outdoor activities.

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Yabul Cook Flameless Cooker + Heating Packs (25)