Yeti Touch Defrosting Tray: Defrost Frozen Meats Faster Than Ever

Perfect for those who never find a good way to defrost their meat, this multifunctional defrosting tray will be a lifesaver the next time you forget to take the meat out.

The Yeti Touch defrosting tray is a gadget that can defrost frozen solid meat quicker than leaving it out.

Lined with cast-molded aluminum, the Yeti literally pulls the cold out of the meat, evenly thawing your food completely.

The conventional methods of running water over it could lead to a loss of nutrients while microwaving could cause contamination from uneven cooking.

With the use of the Yeti, there will be none of that as is uses a natural way to defrost.

It is also designed to have a drip tray underneath that lets the water carefully run off without any mess.

Better yet, the drip tray underneath can be transformed into a cutting board to save space and time by cutting your meat directly on the board.

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Watch the demo video down below!


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Yeti Touch Defrost Board