Margarita Suarez, from Mérida, Yucatán, had a reputation in her community for being an animal lover. It was a common sight to see Margarita outside every morning, feeding and tending to a pack of stray animals. She also carried a bag of food with her to feed animals wherever she went. Sadly, Margarita passed away, but the most remarkable thing happened at the funeral home. The stray dogs (and even a bird) that Margarita had spent her life taking care of, came to pay their respects to someone who was so kind to them. At first, the staff at the funeral parlour were unsure of how to handle the situation, deciding to allow the dogs to come and mourn their human friend, who laid quietly near her coffin. On March 15, the day of the funeral service, the dogs even followed the funeral procession, leaving only when Margarita’s body was being prepared for cremation.