Young Girl Tries To Practice Flute. Instead, Has the Internet in Stitches with Her Dog

When it comes to pets, some aren’t afraid to show their owners what they really feel. But, it’s moments like these that make a pet’s true personality shine – and this one Golden Retriever’s personality will definitely cheer you up.

In the video below, this dog has earned itself the nickname “Mr. Grumpy”, and you’ll see why it has everybody laughing.

I’m sure you’ve listened to someone practicing an instrument for countless hours. Or maybe, you’re a parent that makes your child practice said instrument. But while we know we’re listening in on this practice, we don’t really realize that our pets are also listening in. This Golden Retriever is one of those pets, and he wanted to let his owners know that he’s had enough of this young girl’s flute playing.

Watch the girl play some notes back to the dog in hopes for another hilarious response. As his responses become more and more dramatic, the girl responds right back to him for more!


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