Zip My Dress: Zip Up Your Clothes Without Another Person

Do you live alone and have a hard time zipping up your clothes? Zip My Dress is perfect for you! It’s designed to zip up dresses without another person.


You can use it do zip and unzip your clothes all by yourself—no more frustrating fights with your zipper! It’s the only zipper puller that works on invisible zippers, and it comes in four stylish colors.


It has a patented high-quality gold clamp design with black rivets, and it looks luxurious and innovative. It’s perfect to use when travelling—it comes in its own canvas bag to keep it tangle-free while you’re on-the-go!


Attach the clamp to the zipper before you put the dress on—make sure you cover the entire zipper with the clamp. Step into your dress and pull gently on the ribbon while holding the bottom of your dress with your hand. Remove the clamp and you’re good to go!


If you live alone and can never zip up your dresses, check out this clamp!


Available Here.


Watch the demo down below!


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Zip My Dress
Available in four colors