Zip n Store: Keep All Your Ziploc Bags Neat and Organized

If you have a ton of zip-close bags and no place to store them, the Zip ‘n’ Store is perfect for you! It’s designed to keep all your zip-close bags in one easy storage solution.


It has 20 slots for holding quart and gallon-sized bags, freeing up additional storage space on your fridge shelves or in your cabinets! It can easily mount and unmount from under your shelves, letting you move it around your home.


Zip-close bags store your food better than air-filled plastic or glass containers, and now you have a better way to store them. With the system, there’s no need to rifle around your cupboards or fridge to find your food.


Because your food is no longer hidden, it doesn’t get wasted—this saves you money in the long-term! Plus, you can purchase additional items in the system: mats for adding food in your bags, and a container for portioning out your frozen foods.


If you want to continue to use your zip-close bags without added stress, this system is what you need.


Available Here.

Watch the demo down below!


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