Zip Top Reusable Containers: The Containers That Zip Completely Shut

Are the lids for your containers always lost to the depths of your cupboards? The Zip Top Reusable Containers are perfect for you! They’re designed to zip completely closed without the need for a lid.


The containers are made from 100% platinum silicone, ensuring excellent quality. It combines the reusability of regular plastic containers with the convenience of zipped bags—you can store anything you need to!


They’re reusable and virtually indestructible—they have wide openings and the corners are perfect for pouring out liquids! The containers have a flat base, and they can fit into most car cup holders for added convenience.


You can use the containers in the microwave (fully open or partially zipped), oven (up to 425F), and in the freezer. The thick silicone will protect your food from freezer burn. Plus, the containers are dishwasher safe!


If you want to be more eco-friendly, you need these containers!


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Zip-Top Reusable Containers
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