2-Year-Old Calls 911 For Pants Emergency, Cop Can’t Stop Laughing When She Shows Up

9-1-1. The number to remember, the number that could save your life, the number that could save someone else’s life, THE number to call in emergencies. We’re all taught that from a young age if for what ever reason we might ever need it. That’s what then 2 year old Aaliyah was shown by her mother, so one day in the spring of 2016, when she was stuck in a particularly challenging pickle, she did just that: dialed 9-1-1. After a few moments of back and forth ‘Hello’ and ‘Hi’ between her and the dispatcher, she hung up and that’s when Deputy Martha Lohnes was sent to check up on their home.

Posted by Martha Ruth Lohnes on Thursday, July 7, 2016

Aaliyah’s Grand Father, who was babysitting her at the time, was left bewildered when the knock at the door revealed a police officer. Without giving them a chance to figure out what was going on, a half dressed 2 year old came running in screaming ‘HEY!’ and that’s when everyone pieced it together. It was a pants emergency, and Aaliyah hadn’t managed to put her second leg through, so she called the best suited people she knew that could help her out. After a quite a laughing fit, the deed was done, pants were on, and Deputy Lohnes was left with no other recourse but to oblige after the girl asked for help with her shoes!

Posted by Martha Ruth Lohnes on Thursday, March 31, 2016

Got to see my lil baby…who’s not so little anymore ????

Posted by Martha Ruth Lohnes on Friday, June 2, 2017

The officer could not have reacted more positively, saying in an interview with Inside Edition “Not too long ago, I was the little girl dialing 9-1-1 just so I could see police officers show up at my house!” Ever since, they’ve stayed in contact and become the best of friends, with Deputy Lohnes dropping by to spend some time with Aaliyah and sometimes rescue her from more apparel-related emergencies.

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