Grieving Cat Mother Loses Her Litter, Goes Off and Kidnaps Litter of Puppies

Miss Kitty had just given birth to her litter of kittens when it was discovered that they weren’t healthy enough to get the chance to see another day. At the same time, Smoochie, the owner’s dog, gave birth to her own litter of pups but didn’t pay any attention to them even through the whining and crying. The grieving feline mother found her calling and began carrying the pups over into the underbelly of a trailer where, once she had all the puppies, began caring for them like there was no difference.

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Their neighbor, Linda Blackwell, went on to say, “I saw Miss Kitty going across the yard with one of the little puppies in her mouth. And Miss Kitty went back and got another one and picked it up, and she kept bringing them across the yard until she had all of them over there.” The persistent maternal instinct of Miss Kitty braved on, taking care of the puppies like they were no different from her own kitties. The owners, Missy and Ryan, and their neighbor weren’t sure if a cat would be able to provide enough milk for her new litter so they approached a local veterinarian to get some more info.

“It would probably be okay for the cat to nurse the puppies.” He continued, “It’s pretty unusual for cats to adopt a litter of puppies. We see cats adopting other kittens and we see dogs adopting other puppies, but very seldom do you see one species nursing off a different species.” The veterinarian backed their claim and ended up suggesting to them that they force their biological mother to accept and feed them as well.

via Lotsacats9

The whole community was left in awe as the inter-species family began its life and that the once childless mother was now more than able to provide for someone again. The next question left on everyone’s mind was whether the puppies would think they were cats, and if they’d bring an end to the age old turmoil of cats versus dogs?


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