Dolphin Asks Beachgoers for Help, Then They Notice Her Mouth Completely Shut

When the beachgoers visited the Spanish coast, they would have never thought that they see a dolphin, let alone saving its life.

Inés Oliva Pérez were among the crowd of people who observed as a dolphin was stranding herself into shore, struggling to turn back.

As they neared the dolphin, it was clear why it came to the people as it was discovered that she had a fishing line tangled in her mouth.

Unable to dislodge the line by herself, the people knew they had to do something about it and sprang into action. They held her down while cutting off the line with a knife while keeping her submerged in the water.

“It seemed she came to ask for help,” Pérez later wrote online. The fishing gear was promptly removed from her muzzle and she was brought back out to sea – where she swam away free from entanglement.

As she swam away, Pérez could see two other larger dolphins awaiting in the distance as if they have been waiting on her return.

Watch the video to see her rescue!

Imágenes de hace apenas unos minutos en la playa El Buzo de El Puerto de Santa María.

Gracias a buenísimas personas como las que aparecen en el vídeo, el delfín, varado en la orilla y con hilo de pesca enredado en su hocico (donde ya había un pez atrapado), que parecía que venía a pedir ayuda, pudo seguir junto con el resto de delfines que cerca le esperaban.

¡En Andalucía hay gente maravillosa!

Posted by Inés Oliva Pérez on Wednesday, September 20, 2017


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