Costco Employee Sits Down to Play Piano, Shopper Jumps in for Unexpected Duet

Music can be found in so many places and so many different forms, a medium with which anyone can express themselves freely in any way they like, but you wouldn’t think to look at a Costco to find this! Well after seeing people improvise with strangers in airports, streets and music stores, you can now add the massive retail wholesaler to your list. Back in 2015, Youtube user hyp3r247 brought us a beautiful piano duet of Adele’s 2011 hit “Someone Like You” between her and a random Costco employee!

via hyp3r247

She writes on the video, “COSTCO IMPROV: You just never know what you will encounter in life! Walked into a Costco, heard the salesman play a beautiful song and I joined in for some fun!! Totally made my day!” The unplanned duo put on a show for the entire store, managing to pull a come and go crowd from people that were racing around for their week’s groceries, not an easy feat. And at almost 4 million views, the online community couldn’t take their eyes off anymore than the shoppers!

Enjoy the video below, including some dissonant notes from a few kids trying to get in on the fun too.

via inspireMore


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