3M Hand-Masker Dispenser: Save Time While Doing Home Renovations

Do you have a hard time getting your space set up for home renovations? The 3M Hand-Masker Dispenser is perfect for you! It’s designed to automatically dispense masking film or paper, saving you time and energy.


You can use it when painting, wall-finishing, floor-sanding, or drywall-texturing! It can cover and protect your walls and furniture in one motion—this saves you time, getting the job done faster and more efficiently.


The frame is lightweight and durable, and it’s impact-resistant for your peace of mind. It’s up to four times faster than other traditional paper/poly methods—get the job done faster and enjoy the rest of your day!


It can apply masking film up to 144″ or paper up to 18″ in one smooth motion—no need to stop until you finish covering your space! Plus, it’s compact enough to fit in your tool belt without taking up too much space.


If you’re a professional contractor, you need this gadget!


Available Here.


Watch the demo down below!


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3M Hand-Masker Dispenser