GoSun Fusion: The Highly Efficient Solar Cooking Oven

If you love cooking delicious food while camping, the GoSun Fusion is perfect for you! It’s designed to cook your food perfectly using eco-friendly solar power.


Typical grills are heavy, dangerous, and often dirty—with this cooker, you can make amazing meals in just minutes! It has a five meal capacity, it’s collapsible and durable, and it weighs 10 pounds—this makes it easier to carry around.


You can steam, bake, or roast food—whatever you like to cook, you can make it with the GoSun Fusion! Take it on the boat, cook in your backyard, prepare meals on a campsite, or have it on hand in case of emergencies—it doesn’t take any additional power.


The vacuum insulation can heat up to 450 degrees, it cooks in cloudy and cold weather, and it’s cool to the touch—this makes it safe to handle! Plus, it has a power bank, letting you charge your devices while you make your food.


If you want an efficient way to make meals, this cooker is great!


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