3rd Grade Math Problem Has Everyone Losing Their Minds

When a 3rd grader brought out his homework, they were stuck trying to find the answer to question 44, a question that would realistically have all of us quite stumped!

What’s the question in question you ask? Well here it, and careful it doesn’t blow you mind too much now!

This 3rd grade math problem… from funny

Take a minute and try to figure it out… We’ll help you out by showing what Reddit came up with:

Now everyone here thought they had a good answer, one that makes sense with the approach they’re taking. And honestly, we probably came up with all the same answers because realistically we’re missing a ton of information to complete this problem. Until one 3rd and 4th grade aide came in to correct us all!

I think we can all take a moment to appreciate the error and the new party joke that we all gained from this little fiasco! Let’s also take a moment to thank /u/migney for clearing up this hilarious mishap.


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