Pregnant Woman’s Water Breaks, the Joker Shows Up and Delivers Her Baby

Posted by Justin Selph on Tuesday, October 31, 2017

When Justin and Brittany Selph went into the Hospital on Halloween after her water broke, neither of them could have expected that the world’s favorite Batman villain would show up, even less deliver their new child!

After a quick double take, Justin quickly went to Facebook Live where he showed off his wife’s OB-GYN and his spectacular spooky get up. The doctor was perfectly dressed up as The Joker, suit nicely tailored and purple, lips stretched out to his cheek bones, and the classic green drapey hair. His audience was either hysterical or bent out of shape at how “unprofessional” his attired was.

Here at GoodGood we think this was an A+ move that’ll give little Sally or Tommy a crazy story to tell at parties once mom and dad reveal their big secret!

Justin ended up leaving the Facebook Live up on his page and watching The Joker trying to explain an epidural procedure to a pregnant woman that doesn’t look very happy has us in tears. Join us in the laughter by watching the video down below.

Posted by Justin Selph on Tuesday, October 31, 2017


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