6 Men Sexually Harass Mother And 15-Year-Old Daughter, Hockey Player Charges Them

Every day, ladies of all ages are harassed either sexually or verbally with nowhere no run. Without a safe space for women to turn to, they often find themselves stuck in a situation that no one wants to be in.

For a mother and her 15-year-old daughter, they were lucky enough to have a man step up for them, even though he was outnumbered six to one.

Posted by Andreas Neuman on Thursday, January 19, 2017

Young hockey player Andreas Neuman saw six men surround a mom and her daughter at a train station and he immediately jumped into action.

Bigger than him in size, the six men were seen to be standing in a circle and “when the women tried to get out of the ring, the guys pushed them back in again,” he explained to Arbetarbladet.

Neuman described how one man even rolled up a newspaper he was holding and tapped the woman on their behinds. That was enough for Andreas. “I ran towards them and I was tackled into the ring. Things got messy and I fell down on the ground with one of the guys. Then they all just ran off,” he says.

Posted by Andreas Neuman on Friday, June 23, 2017

After managing to scare off the men, Andreas was relieved to see that his actions weren’t used to waste. If he had not intervened, things could have gotten worse for the women.

Even though it was a risky move to fend off such a large crowd, he feels reassured that he had saved the women from a potentially dangerous situation.


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