Lynx Family Showed Up on Man’s Porch in September, Back and Double the Trouble

Posted by Tim Newton Photography on Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Back in September, photographer Tim Newton was woken up to a chance encounter with a lynx family on his porch. After making use of the opportunity and creating a calendar for that impromptu photoshoot, they decided to come back!

Newton’s wife, Cathy, was the main witness this time while he was out of the house. She managed to catch the entire thing on her phone where we see the little ones as rambunctious as ever but this time mama stepped into the game! At the start of the video, she very amusingly keeps one of her litter pinned down using every ounce of her big kitty weight.

Having grown almost double in size, the babes are still smaller than their mom, though we can expect them to reach that size shortly. Their little noses and paws just like to come through once in a while, and enjoy the prime playground real estate that his the Newton’s large porch and expansive backyard.

Living in Alaska, wild animal sightings are left and right given the fact that they truly still share the space with the local wildlife. Yet this keeps on surprising everyone around town and the world, showing us this playful and up close video of usually elusive creatures!

Once they were done, just like last time, they scattered to the forest, returning to their home world of trees, rocks and snow. Something tells us we’re going to be getting updates from these two families every few months at this rate!

Here’s hoping that they will keep on coming back until they’re grown and have families of their own. At this rate, it’ll become the quarterly family reunion tradition for the Newtons and the feral kitties!


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