8K Flexwarm: The Heated Jacket You Can Control from Your Phone

If you know someone who’s always hot or cold no matter what the temperature, here’s their perfect holiday gift! The Flexwarm heated outerwear line ensures that you remain at your preferred temperature all the time.


The outerwear is designed to be worn in virtually any weather condition—the versatile collection combines everything you want in a jacket. The pieces all have warmth, weight, and style—you’ll look good and feel good all day long.


You can turn on and control the temperature from the buttons on the jacket, conveniently placed beside the left pocket. Flexwarm technology is layered between the inner and outer layers of fabric, giving you three controllable heating zones.


All the pieces are durable and washable—they’ll hold up through all kinds of weather conditions, and you can wash them to keep them clean. Download the corresponding smartphone app, and you can control the temperature with your phone!


It’s powered by USB, and you can even charge your smartphone when you’re on the go. Never worry about a dead phone battery ever again! The outerwear has flexible heating, and it’s splash-resistant.


The low temperature setting is 104F, the medium temperature setting is 113F, and the high temperature setting is 122F. In just 360 seconds, the outerwear can reach its highest temperature setting—you’ll be toasty warm in no time at all!


If you are never satisfied with the weather outdoors, this line of outerwear has you covered!


Available Here.


Watch the demo down below!


Where To Buy

Men’s Outerwear
Available in several styles

$253 – $316

Women’s Outerwear
Available in several styles

$253 – $284

Kids Outerwear
Available in two styles