Wizsla Magnetic Wristbands Set: Keep Your Screws and Small Tools Handy

Do you know someone who is always working on the next project around the house? We have their perfect holiday present! The Wizsla Magnetic Wristband is designed to hold all your small metal bits and tools in a convenient way.


Have you ever felt like you needed three hands while you work on projects? These magnetic wristbands provide that third extra hand, giving you a reliable partner that can hold all your screws, nails, or drill bits.


Instead of searching around for missing pieces, focus on the task at hand.


The wristbands come in a set of two convenient sizes—they’re small and large, and they’re both adjustable for a perfect fit. Between the two sizes, the wristbands cover the majority of wrist sizes.

One wristband will suit your wrist perfectly, and the other wristband can be used in other ways. You can wear it on your other hand, put it on a tool belt, lay it as a tool mat, or attach it to a ladder—the sky’s the limit with this neat tool!


The durable design is comfortable to wear for long periods of time—it’ll be easy to wear for a full work day! The outer layer is made from thick 1680D double-layered ballistic nylon, and have breathable mesh for extra comfort.


The wristbands are great for people of all genders, and the magnets are strategically embedded to perfectly hold all your small metal bits and bobs. Plus, the user guide is printed right on the back of the box, making it easy to use right when you get it.


If you know a DIY enthusiast, this will be the perfect gift!


Available Here.


Watch the demo down below!


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