AER: Throw Your GoPro Like a Football

Perfect for the thrill seeker and budding videographer, this gadget will let you throw your action cam to produce new and unique footage.

The AER is a foam football-like device where it’s meant to fit your GoPro snugly inside and be thrown to capture photos and video from new perspectives.

Throw it up in the air for an ariel shot or across a field and create personalized footage that would usually require the use of a drone.

The compact and streamlined design allows it to fly further and the foam bumpers also protect your precious camera from damage.

Simply pop in your GoPro inside, slide the wings together and screw it all together for a sturdy and versatile device to capture photos as if they were shot from a drone.

With no need of batteries, no danger, and no empty wallet, the AER will truly open your eyes to cool new perspectives on the world.

Available Here.

Watch the demo video down below!


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AER GoPro Accessory
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