Techo Autowater: Make Any Regular Faucet Automatic

Perfect for keeping your kitchen clean, this device attaches to your ordinary faucet and makes it automatic.

The Techo Autowater is a gadget created to help save water and prevent the spread of germs by being the world’s first smart touchless faucet adapter.

It is easy to install and looks elegant in any setting with its beautiful aluminum casting, able to house an optional filter inside as well.

The Autowater’s motion sensor night light makes it easy to even get water in the dark and the powerful battery can be charged wirelessly lasting up to 8-10 months per charge.

An infrared sensor means you no longer have to touch the faucet which is great when preparing meat, cleaning messy dishes, or cleaning around the house.

Whether cooking, cleaning or brushing teeth, Autowater makes using the tap effortless, clean and fast.

Available Here.

Watch the demo video down below!


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