Fitneckpro: Stand Up Straight and Fix That Sore Neck

Perfect for fixing your posture, this device strengthens your critical neck muscles to realign your head back over your body.

The FitNeck Pro is a home device that properly assists in performing cervical retraction and targets the stabilizer muscles in your neck.

Use the FitNeck Pro for just 1-2 minutes a day and prevent injury, relieve pain and correct soreness caused by neck strain.

By strengthening your neck muscles you’ll be able to automatically fix your posture, allowing you to stand up taller and straighter for longer periods of time.

The FitNeck’s adjustable tension and hands-free use make it easy to perform safe and effective chin tucks to straighten out your neck.

Bad posture can be caused by staring at our smartphones and computer screens all day and it’s time we fix that pain.

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