All Four Paws Chill Pet Collar: Keep Your Dog Cool on Hot Days

If your dog gets overheated while running around and playing, the All Four Paws Chill Pet Collar is perfect for you! It’s designed to cool your pet down while they play for up to two hours.


The collars come in several sizes—you can find one that fits your dog like a glove! It’s made of non-rigid silicone that’s both comfortable for your pet and won’t lose its shape over time. It’ll last you for years to come.


The unique hidden buckle will keep your collar comfortable and secure—it won’t fall off, even with rough play! It’s easy to wipe clean, and it’s great for going for a walk, going to a dog park, or relaxing at home.


Simply fill the collar with cold water and fasten it around your dog’s neck—that’s it! Plus, it can double as a water bottle. Pour it out into your dog’s mouth and your furry friend will be instantly hydrated.


If your dog is always too hot, you need this collar!


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All Four Paws Pet Chill Collar
Available in several colors