Pico U: Brew Anything You Want with One Machine

If you love creating custom drinks in the comfort of your own home, the Pico U is perfect for you! It’s designed to let you create and brew virtually any drink, all in one appliance.


This machine can make anything, from your morning coffee or tea to a pint of craft beer to end your day. It has a full-sized step filter and a five liter brew keg, letting you create your own, personalized craft beer.


It also has a pour-over basket, helping you brew the perfect cup of coffee. Simply use your own fresh grounds, then choose your brew style and amount—in just 90 seconds, you’ll have your custom cup of coffee ready to drink!


Love fusion beverages? You’ll love the Pico U. You can make pitchers of iced horchata, citrus dry soda, vanilla cocoa cold brew, or ginger lemon kombucha! It also comes with recipe kits for even more creative drinks.


Purchase the basic or deluxe model, and you can create all the drinks you can imagine!


Available Here.


Watch the demo down below!


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Pico U
Available in basic and deluxe models