Amphipac: Use Your Smartphone Under Water with Full Functionality

Do you love swimming and frolicking in the ocean, but want to use your phone for awesome photos and videos? The Amphipac phone case is perfect for you! It’s designed to give your phone full functionality under water.


It has a 100 mm dome over your phone’s camera lens, letting you take beautiful videos and photos underwater. The two-layer air bubble covers your phone screen, making it fully useful while protecting your phone from water damage.


The rubber buttons are flush over the surface, reducing the bulkiness of the case. Plus, the case’s design lets it work with the latest iPhone models—your technology will be safe under any water!


It has a snug fit to keep your phone cool underwater, and it’s sturdy to give it added protection. Simply insert the plug and slide it down to lock it in—that’s it! Your phone will be safe and sound as you swim.


It has a quick lock and no moving parts—perfect for use under water! It’ll keep up with you while you swim, film, and post about your adventures on social media.


Available Here.


Watch the demo down below!


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Amphipac Phone Case