Reef Fanning Sandal: Open Bottles With Your Sandal

Ever find yourself without a bottle opener?

The bottle won’t budge even after trying all the nifty tricks out there?

Wouldn’t it be great to have a bottle opener with you at all times?

Reef is a sandal and shoemaker that has designed a sandal with a built-in bottle opener on the bottom.

Simply take off your sandal, and use your sandal like you would any other bottle opener.

In addition to having such a unique attraction, the Reef Fanning flip flop is a comfortable sandal to start with.

It features an anatomical arch support for men that give you a refreshing feel of satisfaction every time you slip into them.

The heel of the sandal features a 360-degree airbag enclosed in soft polyurethane, absorbing shock while you walk.

The Fannings are made with a contoured compression molded EVA foam that gives you comfortable support.

The outsole uses Reef’s Herringbone rubber outsole which gives you strong traction control when walking about.

Fitted with synthetic nubuck on the strap, the Reef Fanning flip flop is water friendly yet offers a soft and comfortable feel.

For a pair of extremely comfortable sandals fitted with a bottle opener, get yourself some Reef Fannings and be the star at the next beach party!

Available Here.

Watch the demo video down below!


Where To Buy

Reef Fannings Sandals
Multiple Colors and Sizes Available

$26 – $80