Artis Stone Wall: Update Your Home with Quick and Easy Stone

Do you want to update your home without spending days at a time on a project? The Artis Stone Wall panels are perfect for you! They’re designed to let you redecorate your home without any permanent damage.


Made from reclaimed scrap metal, it resembles real stone, but installation doesn’t involve any long or complicated processes—it can be as short as 30 minutes!


Need to cut the stone wall panels? No problem! If you have a miter box and saw, the job is easy. They’re easily removable and damage-free, making the panels perfect for renters!


The material is similar to a porous rock, making it ideal for use in a bathroom. The water will absorb into the material and won’t affect the color or durability of the stone! Plus, you can paint the panels.


The stone’s made by hand, ensuring a unique look for every customer!


Available Here.


Watch the demo in the video down below!

Posted by Artis Wall on Wednesday, 11 October 2017


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