TAP: The Wearable Keyboard That Works On Any Surface

TAP is a wearable Bluetooth keyboard that transforms anything you touch into a viable typing surface. You can ‘tap’ it anywhere. You can tap it on the living room sofa, on the kitchen counter, and even on the office desk. You can tap it pretty much anywhere, making it a fairly versatile invention.

Whatever surface you prefer, or whichever surface is closest and most convenient for you, the Tap Strap will enable you to send texts, tweets, and emails with just a tap of your fingers. The company claims that this device is accurate and will boast an impressive speed as well as seamless integration with other devices, such as the Oculus Rift.

It has embedded sensors that monitor the movements of your hands and fingers, which it send via Bluetooth to your device. It’s compatible with every single phone, computer or tablet that is Bluetooth enabled. Just create an account, download the app, and tap away.

Two Tap Straps can function like a proper keyboard, and you can use it for extended periods of time since the straps themselves are relatively soft and flexible. It’s very much a “the future is now” kind of product, but it’s available today!

Available Here.

Watch the demo video down below:


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TAP Wearable Keyboard and Mouse
Available in 2 sizes