Babynice: The Safe and Effective Nail Trimmer for Babies and Adults

Do you struggle with trimming your baby’s nails? The Babynice nail trimmer is perfect for you! It’s designed to trim delicate nails quickly and easily without any pain.


It’s specifically engineered to be used on babies, and it accurately determines the amount of nail to trim off. Thanks to this feature, the gadget will not trim too far or hurt your baby’s delicate nail beds!


Simply insert your baby’s nail and rotate the trimmer around for a fast, even cut. It has two speeds for babies and older children and adults, and it has a night light—you can see exactly what you’re doing, even when your baby is sleeping.


The baby-safe blade has three-level protection: the U-shaped head to prevent hurting the skin, the nail-shaped blade for a precise cut, and a stable trimming speed. Plus, when charging, the UV light will sterilize the blade!


It’s also safe to put in your mouth!


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Watch the demo down below!


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Babynice Nail Trimmer
Available in three colors