Speciale Built-In Rotating Knife: Make Chopping More Enjoyable

Do you have a hard time cleanly cutting your food? The Speciale Built-In Rotating Knife is perfect for you! It’s designed to make slicing and dicing easier and more creative.


It’s engineered to be both aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. The knife is made from high-quality Japanese steel—well-known in the culinary industry as one of the finest steels in the world.


The knife retains a sharp edge, letting you cut whatever you need. It has a blade-cutting angle of 15 degrees on each side of the knife, and the knife’s weight, thickness, and length were designed for optimal use.


Cutting has never been easier! Simply lift the bottom of the knife and chop—the tip of the knife will stay in one place, and the base will move up and down as you cut. Plus, the knife is easy to keep clean and comes in two wood finishes!


If you want an easier way to make creative-looking food, you need this kitchen duo!


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Speciale Built-In Rotating Knife