Banana Cat Bed House: Let Your Cat Hang Around in Style

Do you want a cozy spot for your cat to unwind? The Pet Grow Banana Cat Bed House is perfect for you! It’s designed to turn your cat into the inside of a banana, ready to be peeled.


The plush design looks like a real banana—fold the lid up and down to simulate a real banana, and your cat has an adorable home that makes them feel safe and warm. Plus, they’ll look super cute all day long!


Your feline friend will have a private and cozy place for when they need a break from the rest of the world! It’s made of soft plush with an elastic sponge, making it cozy to touch and sleep in for midday naps.


The hammock design gives your cat a sense of security and deep sleeping spot for cuddling and nesting during the day and night. It also comes in four different sizes to accommodate different sized cats!


If your cat loves bananas, they’ll love this!


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Pet Grow Banana Cat Bed House
Available in four sizes