Beacon Lighting Fanaway Ceiling Fans: The Light That Hides a Fan

Do you need to upgrade your home decor? The Beacon Lighting Fanaway ceiling fans are perfect for you! They’re designed to be ceiling lights with retractable blades.


Ceiling fans are great for warmer weather, but when it gets cold, they’re mostly useless. With the retracting blade design, these fans can transform from a fan to a ceiling light. You only see the blades when you need the fan!


The aesthetically-pleasing and energy-efficient design is a great addition for any home! When you switch off the fan, the blades automatically retract into the ceiling light. The light conceals the blades until you’re ready to use the fan again.


When you turn the fan on, the centrifugal force creates open space in the room, accumulates less dust overall. The versatile design easily integrates in almost any room in your home or office. Plus, the fans have a two year warranty!


If you want a fan that goes with any room, you need this transforming ceiling fan!


Available on Amazon and their website.


Watch the demo down below!


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Fanaway Classic 48-Inch Fan
With 4 clear retractable blades, LED light kit – Antique Black