Quikrete Walkmaker: The Easy Way to Make a Pathway

If you want to create your own custom concrete walkway, the Quikrete Walkmaker is perfect for you! It’s designed to let you build your own path with professional results.


Well-made pathways can last you for years, and they can enhance the natural beauty of your home and garden. However, brick designs can get expensive and they’re difficult to install. Quikrete is easy to use and install!


With Quikrete, you can create a concrete path using their premade molds. Simply lay out the path, mix the concrete, set and fill your mold, then lift it off. Repeat that for the length of your pathway, and you’ll have a gorgeous DIY installation!


Each mold can create a two square foot section of pathway at a time, and you can use liquid cement color to blend your path with your other garden decor! Fill the walkway joints with sand and mortar mix for a realistic brick effect.


If you want an inexpensive walkway solution, check out the Quikrete Walkmaker!


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Watch the demo down below!


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