BeerGater: Cooler Accessory Lets You Pour Beverages on Tap

Have you ever wanted a cold beer or beverage from the tap? And yeah, you could bring a keg. But bringing a keg can be a hassle and rack up to a hefty price. That’s why BeerGater was invented. It combines a cooler with a tap to provide you cold beverages with one pull.

BeerGater is an all-in-one system that provides cold beer or any other beverage. It pours it directly from the cooler’s ‘tap’ attachment to cater to any tailgate, backyard BBQ, camping trip or more!

BeerGater 1

BeerGater 2

The system holds up to 1.5 gallons of cold beer or drinks. This is equivalent to 32 cans or 24 pints. No more wasting money on renting a keg that you’ll only drink half of. The BeerGater works with any existing cooler, truck or car window.

BeerGater 3

BeerGater 4

The entire system weighs only 8 lbs, making it extremely convenient and portable to carry around. It uses pressure from CO2 to power the tap and can be set up in just seconds.

BeerGater 5

When you’re finished with it, simply rinse out the system to get it ready for your next event!

With two tanks for you to mix and match drinks in, the BeerGater is perfect for those who love a cold drink at any outdoor event!

BeerGater 6

BeerGater 7

Available Here.

Watch the demo down below!


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