Squishy Cat Night Light: The Fun Desktop Companion

If you love cute cats, the Squishy Cat Night Light is perfect for you! It’s designed to be a fun and functional desktop companion for all your busy late nights.


The cute smiley face will leave you feeling happy all day long, even if you’re working on something boring! It works great as a desk light or a night light—this kitty will keep you feeling safe and comfortable during the night.


The lamp has dual light modes—simply tap the soft silicone cat to switch between a warm white light and a seven color breathing light mode! It flashes between several colors, including blue, purple, and yellow.


The silicone is BPA-free, and it’s incredibly durable—you can squish it or push it and it will easily come back to its original shape! Plus, the battery will last up to fifteen hours on a single charge.


Do you know a cat lover who needs this lamp?


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Watch the demo down below!


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Squishy Cat Night Light