Berg E-Gran Tour: Off Roader 4 Seat Family Go Kart Uses Battery To Help Pedal

One of the best ways to spend time with your family is going out for a bike ride! But, even though it’s a family bonding activity, everyone is riding their own individual bike. What if I told you there was a way that everyone could ride a bike / go kart together?

Well now there is, it’s called the Berg E-Gran Tour. The Gran Tour is a 4 seater off road family go kart that is fitted with a lithium battery for you to have pedal support.

Gran Tour 1

Gran Tour 2

Since you have multiple people on the go kart, the kart is easier to pedal, making it more accessible for older members of the family. The 18″ all terrain wheels also help the kart when navigating through hills or unpaved roads (sand / grass / gravel).

Gran Tour 3

A lithium battery is placed between the 2 back seats and helps support pedalling. This allows users to use less energy and therefore, ride longer and have more fun! Since you’re able to cycle longer distances, you’ll also be able to see more surroundings.

The battery has been tested extensively to ensure durability and can be charged using a 500W E-motor.

Gran Tour 4

The E-Gran Tour is the perfect way to offer your guests a unique riding experience with high levels of fun!

Great way for large families to enjoy a more bonding family activity while seeing more surroundings and staying out longer without getting tired.

Gran Tour 5

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Available Here.

Watch the demo down below!


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