RAMMY Flail Mower 120: Lawn Mower Attaches to 4×4 ATVs

If cutting the lawn with a regular lawn mower isn’t working for you, this ATV lawn mower attachment may do the trick.

It’s called the RAMMY Flail Mower 120. The agile mower attaches to the front of your 4x4 ATV’s winch with an adjustable frame letting you cut grass on lawns, meadows and roadsides!

You can adjust the cutting height between 2 – 10 cm making the mower both efficient and effective.

Flail Mower 1

Flail Mower 2

Since the RAMMY Flail Mower is positioned in front of the ATV, it provides tons of visibility and manoeuvrability. It’s attached to the front using the ATV’s winch, and is lightweight & compact making it easy to move from one ATV to another.

Flail Mower 3

There are two sets of blades that can be used with the RAMMY Flail Mower: the Y-blades and the hammer blades. Y-blades are used for rough terrain while the hammer blades are used for a more fine cut.

Flail Mower 4

An optional sideshift kit is available to be attached to the cutter moving the RAMMY Flail Mower 37cm to the left during operation.

Flail Mower 5

The mower uses a Britts & Stratton 305 cm3 engine that uses a maintenance-free double belt transmission so you can be sure the mower will be a reliable machine.

Coming in a ready-to-go package, each mower is tested and inspected before use. It’s perfect for any person looking for a better way to mow lawns.

Flail Mower 6

Flail Mower 7

Available Here.

Watch the demo down below!


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