ENKO Running Shoes: Shock System Sole Absorbs Impact When Running

Do you ever feel like your shins or knees are in pain after going out on a run? That pain can sometimes be explained by when you’re absorbing the impact of your foot’s landing. These shoes are a neat and smart way of preventing those shin, knees or joint pain from happening.

They’re called the ENKO running shoes.

ENKO running shoes have a built-in shock absorbing system that absorbs the impact of your landing integrated in the sole of your shoe.

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Each pair of shoes has a unique customized fitting to match the runner’s bodyweight and running style. Since it’s customizable, the shoe can be used with any type of runner that runs in any type of strides.

The shoes last up to 2,000 km with the same cushioning quality and come with replaceable sole studs in case they wear out.

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The shock absorbing system works by absorbing the impact from when you land on the ground, and using that energy to help lift you back up from the heel. As a result, running will feel less painful, more comfortable and also more efficient!

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ENKO running shoes are available in multiple different colors to suit your style: white, red, yellow, blue, and black. They also offer a 30 day testing period to see if you’ll enjoy the performance of the shoes before you decide to commit on them.

It’s perfect for those who want to run outside but hate the joint pains they get afterwards.

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