SockSync Sorter: Easily Sort and Match Your Socks Out of Your Laundry Bin

Do you ever feel like there needs to be a better way to sort and match your socks? It can be annoying sitting down and going through each sock one by one, so that’s why the SockSync was created.

Sock Sync helps you sort and match your socks by using a laundry basket with a spinning top. Not only does it sort and match, but the Sync also perfectly folds each pair of socks, ready for you to use.

Sock Sync 1

The Sync features 8 cylindrical openings for you to place single socks in as you search for their match. Easily spin between the 8 openings and once finished, simply press the matched sock and the Sock Sync perfectly folds your socks and pushes them right into the laundry basket.

Sock Sync 2

Sock Sync 3

The spinning features make it simple and easy for you to search for you singular sock pairs and the top is removable so that you can use your laundry basket as a traditional one afterwards.

No more need to spread out all your socks and turn your room into an even bigger mess!

Sock Sync 4

Sock Sync is available in both blue & purple and can be integrated into your daily laundry routine. It’s an ergonomic and innovative helper that makes the tedious task of sorting and matching socks an easier chore!

Perfect for moms, children and more!

Sock Sync 5

Available Here.

Watch the demo down below!


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