Rod-Runner Pro Fishing Rack: Easily Carry Up to 5 Fishing Rods in One Hand

When going on a fishing trip, one of the worst things to have to deal with is carrying multiple rods. You have different types for each fish or you’re just going with family and friends and need extra rods to fish with.

Whatever the case may be, the Rod-Runner Pro Fishing Rack helps you carry multiple rods all with just one hand! It carries the rods without tangling lines, breaking guides, or damaging them!

Rod-Runner 1

Rod-Runner 2

Rod-Runner is easy to load up in SUVs, pickup trucks, cars, boats, even kayaks with rod and reel protection during transportation.

Rod-Runner 3

It’s capable of carrying all types of rods including: spinning reels, baitcaster reels, fly fishing reels, surf rods, and even offshore conventional rod combos! It’s made using Hardened ABS construction with UV+ inhibitor guaranteeing durability through the harshest of conditions like bass fishing or ice fishing.

Rod-Runner 4

When you’re finished fishing, Rod-Runner easily washes down and rigs secured fishing rods, so that you can spend less time prepping and cleaning your fishing gear and more time fishing.

Perfect for families and friends who like going on fishing trips without the hassle of packing multiple rods. Works great on bridges, beaches, or boats; inshore or offshore, freshwater or saltwater.

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