Bissell CrossWave: The Vacuum That Works on Multiple Surfaces

Are you always cleaning spills off your floors? The Bissell CrossWave vacuum is perfect for you! It’s designed to wash and vacuum your floors at the same time.


It’s a multi-surface vacuum that can clean both sealed hardwood floors and area rugs and carpets—you don’t need to buy multiple cleaning tools for your floors! The vacuum has a swivel head to make cleaning around objects easier and faster than ever.


The secret is the dual-action brush roll that has a microfiber and nylon brush, letting it mop and pick up debris at the same time. It has a two tank system to keep the cleaning solution and dirty water separated from each other.


There are smart-touch controls on the handle, letting you switch between cleaning hard floors and carpets. Plus, you can control your cleaning solution with an on-demand trigger—cleaning your floors have never been easier!


The vacuum is also easy to clean and maintain!


Available Here.


Watch the demo down below!


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Bissell CrossWave