Ti EDC Wrench: The Adjustable Tool for Everyday Life

If you’ve ever been without a crucial tool, the Ti EDC Wrench is perfect for you! It’s designed to be a versatile tool you can use at the drop of a hat.


It’s engineered to be an adjustable pocket-sized wrench—it can accommodate 25 different wrench sizes right in your pocket or your bag! It works with both standard and metric measurements, and it’s made of solid grade five titanium.


It’s inspired by an adjustable Swedish wrench, but this gadget has been updated to meet your 21st century needs. It has a full-sized grip, making it easy and comfortable to use despite the small size.


The wrench has a low-profile design—it can slip into your pocket with the same ease as a knife. Plus, it has a clip that can attach to the side of a bag or on your belt—it conveniently is ready when you need it.


If you need a small gadget, this is a great option!


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Watch the demo down below!


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Ti EDC Wrench