Startracks Custom Lifts: Get in Your Car from Your Wheelchair Without Help

If you need mobility assistance, the Startracks Custom Lifts are perfect for you! They’re designed to make life easier for people who are physically impaired.


The company builds custom motorized lifts for virtually anything, from cars to RV’s. The engineers can modify your current vehicle to accommodate a structurally sound wheelchair lift—plus it won’t clash with your decor!


For a van, simply slide down the person lift and get on. Lower the wheelchair lift behind the driver’s seat and hook it up, then use the remote to lift it up into your van. Activate the person lift and slide into the driver’s seat!


With an RV, the company’s engineers can install multiple door options that blend in seamlessly with the the design of your coach. You can also get lifts for trucks and other kinds of buses—you can turn any vehicle into an accessible transportation mode.


These lifts are great for any vehicle!


For more information about the Startracks Custom Lifts, check out the company’s website here.


Watch the demo down below!


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