Bite Helper: Neutralize and Relieve Bug Bites

Do you always get bitten by bugs and are constantly scratching at the bites? The Bite Helper is perfect for you! It’s designed to neutralize and relieve your bug bites, stopping you from scratching them.


It uses thermo pulse technology to deliver heat and vibration to your bite. This technology increases blood flow and circulation in the area, soothing the itch. Stop scratching and start living your life!


Simply dry the area, place the thermo-pulse metal tip on the bite, and press the ON button. After 45 seconds, remove the Bite Helper—the bite has been neutralized! With the gadget on the affected area, you should feel a gentle vibration and gradual heating sensation on the bite.


It’s a drug- and chemical-free solution—it’s non-toxic and gentle on the skin. You can use it on adults and on kids aged 4 and older! It’s reusable and battery operated—plus, the compact design lets you take it anywhere.


It’s environmentally safe and operates with two AA batteries! Make sure to store it in a cool, dry place when not in use.


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Watch the demo down below!


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Bite Helper
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