Monarch Migration Station: Learn All About Butterflies in a Fun Way

Do you want to learn more about butterflies in their own environment? The Monarch Migration Station is perfect for you! It’s designed to let you learn all about butterflies in the real world.


The large design makes it ideal for a personal getaway with nature, or it can be an immersive learning experience into the world of a butterfly! The greenhouse roof can also be a cold frame for protecting your plants in the early and late season.


It comes with a seed mat that includes milkweed, the only plant monarchs will lay eggs on. This ensures you can get a close experience with monarchs in your own learning center! It also has other nectar plants to attract other kinds of butterflies.


It has patented stacking brackets, letting you set it up on both harder and softer surfaces. When your garden is grown, you can install the side walls, and your center is protected with the UV-protected roof!


Plus, the roof windows can be opened and closed, allowing your winged friends to come and go as they please!


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Watch the demo down below!


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Monarch Migration Station
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