Boarding Glasses: Get Rid of Your Motion Sickness in Minutes

Do you always get motion sickness when you travel by plane, train, or car? The Boarding Glasses are perfect for you! They’re designed to eliminate your motion sickness in just seconds.


In just ten minutes, these glasses can completely take care of your motion sickness, letting you do whatever you want while travelling! You can use them on the road, on boats, or planes—they’re great for any kind of travel.


Using them is easy: put the glasses on when you start to feel any motion sickness symptoms, then take them off when they go away in ten minutes. Motion sickness affects 66% of passengers—when your eyes can’t see the movement, it creates a crisis in the brain.


The glasses have a blue liquid embedded in its mount. When the vehicle is in motion, the liquid moves around the eyes. This creates an artificial horizon without disrupting your central view. Your eyes now have the reality of movement, eliminating the symptoms of motion sickness.


If you know someone who is always getting sick in cars or boats, you need these glasses!


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