Magic Creeper: Easily Work in Tight, Low Clearance Areas Like Your Car

Ever wanted a better way to reach low clearance, hard to reach places like under your car or maybe places in your home? And sure, you could use an unfolded cardboard box, but those wear out and get dirty after just one use.

That’s why the Magic Creeper was invented.

The Magic Creeper is a unique tubular shape carpet that lets you move effortlessly for up to 5 feet without the need to reposition.

Magic Creeper 1

Magic Creeper 2

The inner layer of the Magic Creeper acts like millions of tiny ball bearings that can maneuver in all directions. This is especially great for both uneven and rough surfaces.

The Magic Creeper is also water, oil and puncture resistant making it durable and tough. This ensures that the carpet won’t scratch wood and expensive floor finishes. When unrolled, the carpet measures 60″ x 28″, and can be rolled up into a compact 29″ x 5″.

Magic Creeper 3

Magic Creeper 4

Its compact size allows the creeper to be stored in your trunk, under the car seat, in the RV or anywhere else you may need it.

Magic Creeper 5

Whether you’re working under your car or in your home, the zero ground clearance and wheel-less carpet lets you take the stress and hassle out of your work!

Perfect for those who constantly have to use a roller and cardboard box when working underneath their vehicle!

Magic Creeper 6

Available Here.

Watch the demo down below!


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