Bonve Pet Seat Cover: The Luxurious Cover for Your Car Seat

If you’re worried about your dog getting dirt and hair all over your car, the Bonve Pet Seat Cover is perfect for you! It’s designed to keep your pet comfortable and your back seat clean.


It has a waterproof coating, oxford surface, cotton filler, and a PVC bottom to protect your car seat’s fabric. It also has two reserved Velcro openings for seat belts, making it easy to maintain safety.


It’s simple and easy to install and remove—attach the cover with four durable straps on the headrests. Fasten the clasps and it’s ready for your pets! The reinforced, no-slip design ensures the cover stays on the seat.


The material is completely washable, making it easy to clean! It’s also anti-scratch and anti-bite—it’ll hold up to whatever your dog will put it through. Fold it up and it’s a travel essential—it’s easy to store.


This seat cover will be perfect for your dog and your car!


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Bonve Pet Seat Cover