Tidy Trax: The Shoe Covers That Keep Your Home Clean

If you’re always tracking dirt and mud everywhere you go, the Tidy Trax are perfect for you! They’re designed to keep your shoes covered and your home clean.


It’s made of lightweight and durable foam that keeps your path clean and won’t damage your floors! Plus, it’s a completely hands-free solution—slide them on and kick them off. They’re easy to use and work with virtually any shoe.


It’s also really easy to clean—simply run a hose over them and they look good as new! You can use them over and over, making them an environmentally friendly solution. They’re flex-tested in a footwear laboratory for maximum durability.


The sizing is based on shoe-length, not shoe size—it can accommodate virtually any shoe on the market. Measure your sole from heel to toe and compare the length to the sizing chart for the most accurate fit.


Your Tidy Trax will stay on your feet while still being easy to remove and put back on.


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Tidy Trax
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