Silk’n Blue Acne Treatment: The Chemical-Free Removal Solution

If you have stubborn acne that just won’t go away, the Silk’n Blue Acne Treatment is perfect for you! It’s designed to give you clinically-proven, chemical-free acne treatment.


It dries out the skin’s oil-producing glands, and it’s effective on virtually all forms of acne—it’s great for teenage breakouts or adult-onset acne. It’s non-invasive and gently effective, getting rid of your acne without being harsh on the skin!


The gadget combines fractional blue light and deep thermal heating to penetrate your skin’s surface—this targets the acne-causing bacteria right at its source! It’s safe and painless—toss away your ointments and cleansers for good.


When you press it down on problem areas, the blue light will penetrate the skin and the mild heat will dry the oil-producing glands to prevent any future breakouts! Simply wash and dry your face, then turn on the device—that’s it.


After five minutes of idleness, it’ll go into standby mode to save electricity.


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Silk’n Blue Acne Treatment